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Protective Glass Vape Cartridges (0.5ml)

$19.99 $14.95

The entire rod comes out making this one easy to fill the cartridge. These cartridges DO NOT come with tubes, but tubes can be purchased separately.

Offered in 0.5ml/0.5gram

For wholesale orders greater than 1,000 units please contact one of our product specialists for additional pricing discounts at +1 (413) 853-0441

Tired of losing valuable oil? Test vape cartridges before you fill them with oil with these OHM Readers


Tired of having glass cartridges break on you? We have heard many stories from people dropping them on a hard surface to them breaking inside a pocket or purse. This cartridge is the perfect solution! These glass cartridges are encased with a strong metal exterior protecting the inside glass chamber. It has windows or slits that allow you to still view the oil level, and they are extremely easy to fill! This is an excellent cartridge that produces great flavor and large cloud vapor!

These ceramic coil vape cartridges are very similar to Amigo Liberty V9 vape cartridges. The only difference is these cartridges have a small oil window to view the amount of oil in the cartridge as opposed to being 360 degree transparent.

These cartridges are very well made. They have a very low leak rate – less than 1%. The bottom of the rod is gold plated for a better connection. There is a huge easy to fill oil reservoir, and it has a top adjustable airflow. Again, these are very similar to the V9 cartridges we sell, but instead of the cylinder being made of all glass, these cylinders are made from metal with glass window slits.


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